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Hello and thank you for visiting the Ely Trades & Business web pages. The blurb below tells you a bit about how the site works and where to look, however, it is perfectly reasonable that you may not have time for that now, and just want to find a particular trade, business or service.

So, with that in mind click HERE, or on "Services Listing" on the menu.

What is different about Ely Trades & Business?

Ely Trades & Business is a local trade, business and services directory run locally, (as part of www.elymt.co.uk), by a real person who ensures that your listing gets seen in the Ely area!!

Adding your business or service.

A listing on these pages is FREE for any trade, business or profession serving the Ely area. To help define this, if your business is located in or near Ely, Soham, Littleport or Sutton - and you work for, or within the local community, then you are welcome to be listed. To be included please click here.

Of course, you do have the option to enhance your listing by having a direct link to a search-engine-friendly BUSINESS PROFILE. This is a stand-alone web page which includes a description of your business and the services you offer and provides your telephone, mobile and email details. Together with this it can link directly to pages on your website, if you have one. Please click here for more information.

Your Information

Any information you provide for this listing, or to create a link, is used solely for that purpose. Your contact details will only be used by me, they will not be passed to any other party.


This listing is run manually and I do my best to get information right. From time-to-time I will make mistakes, misspell words, or get 'factual' information wrong. By requesting a listing or link from these pages you acknowledge that I cannot be held responsible for any loss attributable to any incorrect information however caused.

I also maintain the right to decline a listing without explanation.

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